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It's time to 


your curls!

Starting your curly hair journey can be difficult, but I'm here to help!

"I want to embrace my natural curl,
but I don't know
where to start."

Natural Curl Haircut

This cutting technique was designed for curls, waves and all natural textures. Your hair will be cut cut while dry, in its naturally curly/wavy state. I personally combine the DevaCutting technique with other curly cutting methods to create a look that enhances your curl pattern.


New Guest Natural Curl Cuts include an in-depth curl coaching styling session and a product recommendations that make it easy to maintain your style at home. I will also give you tips for refreshing curls on non wash days as well as how to protect your curls while you sleep.

When arriving for a Natural Curl Haircut, curls need to be clean, dry, and in their natural state. Try not to pull back for most of the day if possible.

New Guest Natural Curl Cut 


* New Curl Guests must book this appointment. 
This includes a customized curly haircut, along with a scalp detox, wash, and style. You will get an in depth lesson on how and what products to use for your natural curls. 

Natural Curl
Wash + Style Coaching


Learn all the steps to style your hair naturally. This includes a wash + style, as well as in depth lesson on how and what products to use for your natural curls. 

This is a great service for existing clients to use as a refresher too!

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Natural Curl Cut (Existing clients only)


Customized curly haircut, wash, and style. 

Curly Dry Cut (Approved Clients Only)


No wash No style. Just a dry cut to shape up the curl. 
Hair must be completely dry and styled down for this appointment.  Must be within 4 Months of a full curly cut

Natural Curl Wash + Style


Like a blowout, but for curly hair! Let me do the work and receive a wash + style for your natural curls.