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Existing Guest Services

At Jasmine Kay Hair Co., all pricing is ageless and genderless. Our mission is to create a safe place for you to experience hair care. You will feel heard, confident, and like your most authentic self.


These are services available for EXISTING Guests Only. 

If its been over 1 year since your last appointment with Jasmine, please visit the New Guest Page

*Jasmine is not excepting any color corrections or fantasy hair color services.

Indoor Snake Plants

All Haircut services include a
Shampoo + Style.

Short Haircut

45 min. $38

Haircut for hair at or above the chin.

Clipper Haircut

30min. $25

Haircut using clippers on the sides and scissors on the top.

Long Haircut

60 min. $50

Haircut for hair below the chin.

Natural Curl Cut

75 min. $60

Specialized haircut if you wear your hair naturally curly or wavy. 

Curly Dry Cut

30 min. $40

*must be approved for this service.

Cut and shape on dry, curly hair. Does NOT include wash + style.
Hair must be completely dry and styled down for this appointment.  
2 dry cuts are allowed between a regular Natural Curl Cut.

Must be within 4 Months of a Natural Curl Cut. 

*These are all starting points and may shift based on your custom color.

All Color Services include a Shampoo + Style

Root Color

1 Hour 45min. $68+

 Ideal if you need to refresh your root color without any major changes or lightening. 

Express Root Color

1 Hour. $68+

 *must be approved for this service. 
10 minute processing time for Gray Coverage or Root color. 

All Over Color

2 Hours. $82+

Ideal if you need to refresh your color without any major changes or lightening. Great for covering gray AND refreshing the ends.

Toner + Shine Refresh

1.5 Hours. $62+

Keep your hair looking fresh between appointments. Great for blondes to naturalize brassy tones or any colored hair for added shine!

Root Color + Mini Highlight

2+ Hours. $140+

 Ideal if you need to cover gray AND touch up your face framing highlights.

Root Color + Partial Highlight

2.5-3 Hours. $153+

 Ideal if you need to cover gray AND touch up your highlights throughout the top and sides.

Root Color + Full Highlight

3-3.5 Hours. $176+

 Ideal if you need to cover gray AND touch up your highlights throughout the whole head.

Mini Highlight

2 Hours. $75+

Face framing, money piece, accent color.

Partial Highlight

2.5 Hours. $90+

Ideal if you need to touch up your highlights through the top and sides without any major changes to your current color. Great for maintaining the look and brightness you already have.

Full Highlight

3+ Hours. $115+

Ideal if you need to touch up your highlights throughout your whole head, or want to change your color. Great for upgrading your current color by brightening up the underneath of your hair

Snake Plant
Cactus Plant


45 min. $32

Shampoo and styled with round brush or curling iron. 

Natural Blowout

60 min. $42

Like a blowout, but for curly/wavy hair! Let me do the work and receive a shampoo + style for your natural curls/waves. 

Event Styling

60 min. $90

Special Occasion Style. Prom. Ball.
Not Bridal. 

Add on Services

Treatments - Waxing - Massage

Lavender Mint Mineral Mask


Ideal for dry, coarse, moisture-starved, or unruly hair. Creamy, ultra-rich mask contains French clay with nourishing, restorative minerals to help strengthen and hydrate. Calm the senses with the comforting fragrance of lavender, mint, and tea tree oil. 

Includes a hot towel and head massage.


Hair + Scalp Detox Treatment

Rid your hair of flakey scalp and build up. This detox treatment resets the pH balance of your hair and brings it back to life!

Includes a hot towel and head massage.



"Olaplex rebuilds broken hair and reconnects broken bonds. By repairing broken bonds, Olaplex is returning your hair to its natural state. That means it will help reduce frizz, dullness, and even make curls more defined." 

Recommended for any blonding service, but a great add on for any service.

Includes a hot towel and head massage.

Extended Scalp Massage

10 min.  $10

Wouldn't it be great if the head massage at the shampoo bowl lasted longer? Now, it does! Add on an extra 10 minute scalp massage to relax and relieve tension carried in the head and scalp. Includes a hot towel treatment. 

Brow wax


Lip wax


Round Wooden Table