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Halo Hair Extensions

Halo extensions use an invisible wire to add length and thickness without glue or tape for damage-free easy on and off application in less than one minute. There are three different style of Halos, all are made with ethically-sourced 100% REMY human hair.

Crown Toppers offer a lightweight and easy solution for every stage of hair loss that adds volume or simply covers your roots.

*Pricing varies by length and style*


A consultation is required to make sure you're a good candidate for halo extensions or a hair topper.

During the consultation, we'll decide what length and style is right for you.

We will color match your hair and I'll place the order.


What's Next?

Upon ordering your halo or topper, we'll set up a second appointment. This appointment will include;
- Any color adjustments that need to be made.
- Add on clips for extra security.
- Halo Fitting to your head.
- Cutting and blending for a seamless transition. 
- Finished style that you can walk out the door with! 

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Are you ready to see if Halo Extensions or Crown Toppers are right for you?

Click below to schedule a consultation online! 

Choose "Consultation: Halo Hair Extensions"

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