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For ​a successful appointment, it is important for you to wash, condition, de-tangle, style, and dry your hair within THREE days of your appointment. 

This is the only way for us to provide you with the exceptional services we are known for. 

Failure to do so could result in not having enough time for your service booked and possibly appointment cancellation. 

DON'T arrive with a ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, perm-rod set, curl-former, etc. or any style that stretches or changes your hair's natural curl pattern.

DON'T brush, pick or comb your hair out the day of your service.

DON'T style your hair with products that are excessively sticky greasy or oily. For example, shea butter, coconut oil or castor oil.

​DO cleanse, condition, fully detangle & style your hair curly (with product) the within 3 days of your appointment.

DO have your hair thoroughly dry.

DO come with an open mind ready to accept and love the hair you were born with!

It's a great idea to start using a gentle cleanser along with a "cone" free conditioner and styler. Avoid heavy oils and butters. Do not straighten your hair leading up to your appointment.  
If you'd like a recommendation of a cleanser and conditioner to use prior to your appointment please message us and we would be happy to provide one! At your appointment, Jasmine will provide you with product and styling recommendations specifically for your hair type. 

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