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Revive Sessions

Find the perfect fit for you.

All new guests will start with one of the New Guest Revive Sessions.

These Revive Sessions include everything you need to make your curls look and fee the best they ever have! 

NO color services or haircut only services will be booked on the first appointment. After your first appointment, you will be able book color and a la carte services.

How to Prep for your appointment:

Revive Coaching Sessions

Watch + Learn Coaching

$80 | 1.5 Hours

This is a personalized wash and style session tailored to your specific curl pattern and needs.

You'll watch and listen (and ask questions), as I teach you how to wash, style, and dry your curls. 

To enhance the health and vibrancy of your curls, our Curl Coaching package also features the exclusive JKHCo. Revive Treatment.

Hands On Coaching

$100 | 2 Hours

This is a personalized wash and style session tailored to your specific curl pattern and needs.

You will receive the JKHCo. Revive Treatment, followed by a guided style and dry routine that you will get to do yourself!

I'll guide you through the right products and techniques, ensuring that you can recreate the salon experience on your own and embrace your curls every day.


Revive Haircut Sessions

Natural Curl Haircut WITH Hands On Coaching 

$200 | 3 Hours

Natural Curl Haircut

$160 | 2 Hours

Your haircut will be a customized dry cut designed to highlight your curls' natural patterns and showcase their inherent beauty. 

This is followed by the JKHCo. Revive Treatment, Watch + Learn Coaching, and completely dried with a diffuser or hood dryer. 


Extended Scalp Massage

$10 | 10min.

An extra 10 minute scalp massage to relax and relieve tension carried in the head and scalp. Includes use our state of the art spa mist machine that infuses deep hydration at the microscopic level into your hair.

Brow Wax

$15 | 15min.

Lip Wax

$10 | 5min.

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What to expect during your Revive Session :


We'll begin with an in-depth consultation and review your already submitted Profile.

I value your unique hair texture, concerns, and goals. I'll listen carefully to your preferences and aspirations, ensuring that your experience is tailored to your individual needs.

Spa Mist

Our state of the art Spa Mist machine takes hydration to the next level.

By infusing deep hydration at a microscopic level, your curls will enjoy renewed vitality and bounce, leaving you with hair that truly shines.

This is used throughout the entire Detox and Hydration Treatment.


The Revive Treatment starts with a Detox to gently remove buildup and minerals from your hair and scalp.

This detox paves the way for healthier, more vibrant hair by providing a clean canvas.


The Hydrating Treatment that follows is designed to replenish moisture and protein, revitalizing your hair's ends. Healthy hair is the foundation for stunning curls, and this treatment ensures that your locks are nourished from within.


Once your hair is primed and rejuvenated, I'll style your curly or wavy hair using a diffuser or hood dryer.

I'll guide you through the products I use and have them available for purchase if you choose to.

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