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Welcome to
Jasmine Kay Hair Co.

We’ll guide you through the digital booking process, new guest experience options, and pricing so your first visit will be effortless.

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Lets Get Started!

Revive Haircuts


All New Guests will start with a REVIVE HAIRCUT with the Jasmine Kay Hair Co. Experience. 

> Short Revive

1.5 Hours | $140

> Medium- Long Revive

2 Hours | $160

> Extra Long/Thick Revive

2.5 Hours | $180

Scroll down to check out the New Guest Revive Haircut Experience.

Submit Consultation


To request an appointment, start by filling out a quick online consultation form, linked below.

This helps Jasmine get to know you, and your hair history, before you even step foot in the salon.

All online consultation submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours, Tuesday-Saturday.

*Please note Jasmine is only taking on new guests that have natural curls and waves and who want to wear and embrace their natural hair.

She is not accepting any color corrections or fantasy hair color services. 

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Book Online

Upon approval of your online consultation, you will receive an email with instruction on how to book your first appointment online!

You'll also gain access to the Client Only JKHCo. Web App that will be your online Hub for things such as; 
- Scheduling + managing your appointments.
- Shop Jasmine's must-haves on Amazon + Etsy.
- FQA's.
- Curly Hair Tutorials.
- And more!

So, what is a
Revive Haircut?

Welcome to the New Guest Revive Haircut experience, where we're dedicated to celebrating and enhancing the natural beauty of your curls and waves. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space where you'll not only leave with stunning hair but also with a newfound confidence in your authentic self.

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Getting the Best Care, Right from the Start

Your journey with us begins with an in-depth consultation and review your already submitted Online Consultation Form. We value your unique hair texture, concerns, and goals. We'll listen carefully to your preferences and aspirations, ensuring that your experience is tailored to your individual needs.

Your haircut will be a customized dry cut designed to highlight your curls' natural patterns and showcase their inherent beauty. We understand that curls have their own personality, and our precision technique brings out the best in each curl and wave.

Our state of the art Spa Mist machine takes hydration to the next level. By infusing deep hydration at a microscopic level, your curls will enjoy renewed vitality and bounce, leaving you with hair that truly shines. This is used throughout the entire Detox and Hydration Treatment.

To prepare your hair for its transformation, we'll pamper you with a Detox Treatment that gently removes buildup and minerals from your hair and scalp. This detox paves the way for healthier, more vibrant hair by providing a clean canvas.

The Hydrating Hair Treatment that follows is designed to replenish moisture and protein, revitalizing your hair's ends. We believe that healthy hair is the foundation for stunning curls, and this treatment ensures that your locks are nourished from within.

Once your hair is primed and rejuvenated, we'll style your curly or wavy hair using a diffuser or hood dryer.

We'll guide you through the right products and techniques, ensuring that you can recreate the salon experience on your own and embrace your curls every day.

We're your partners in your journey to self-confidence and self-expression.  Join us for the New Guest Revive Haircut experience and let your curls take center stage in the most authentic way possible.

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