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Sam Villa Hair Dryer

Sam Villa Pro
Hairdryer with
Diffuser Attachment 


Root Lift Clips

After applying products and gently scrunching out excess water, use these clips at your roots for added volume while air drying or hover diffusing. 


Denman Styling Brush

Use this for Brush styling and distributing products throughout the hair. Take sections that are the same size as the head of the brush, gently brush hair, then gently scrunch product into the hair. 


Sectioning Clips

Use these gator clips to section your hair when applying products. 


Shower Mirror 

If you like to apply product while still in the shower, this mirror will come in handy! 


Continuous Water Mister

Keep your hair soaking wet while styling with this continuous water mister.

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Wet Brush

Use this brush in the shower with conditioner to detangle curls. Brush in small sections to help hydrate your hair. 


Microfiber Hair Towel

Gently scrunch out excess water with this Microfiber Hair Towel that is gentle on the hair. 


Microfiber Hair Wrap

Use this for 'plopping.' After applying products to soaking wet hair, plop all your hair at in the middle of the hair wrap. *Do not place hair in traditional wrapping method, or it will stretch out your curls. Be sure its plopped in a concentrated area. When you twist the wrap back, there shouldn't be any hair being twisted in the wrap. 


Invisibobble Hair Ties 

These are great hair ties to use all the time, and especially great for putting your hair in a 'pineapple' to sleep. 



After applying products, and hair is still wet, use chopsticks to move hair and gently break up sections at the roots. 

61y7suEmelL._AC_SL1500_ (1).jpg

At Home Hood Dryer

Hood Dry to help dry hair quickly.


Curl Boss Bonnet

Satin lined sleeping bonnets for curly hair.


Curl Boss Bonnet XL

Satin lined sleeping bonnets for curly hair.


Curl Boss Brush

Great for detangling AND styling. Its flexible fingers make detangling a breeze. I also love this to help distribute my products.


Hydroviv Shower Filter

"Hydroviv shower head filters have been developed to filter the toughest tap water, which can be drying and damaging to skin and hair. We deliver softer, more hydrated skin and hair right out of the shower."


AquaBliss Shower Filter 

"Our products are designed to reduce impurities and harmful substances from your water, ensuring that you can enjoy pure and refreshing water that nourishes and revitalizes your body and mind. With AquaBliss, you can experience the difference that comes with high-quality water filtration systems that are both effective and affordable."



"Wrapperoo® is a t-shirt hair drying towel that doubles as water, heat & spill resistant styling cape. You can gently dry your wet hair with less frizz and breakage plus keep the wash day drips and product mess off your skin and clothes. With Wrapperoo® you’re protected from the drips, products, serums, powders and mess of your hair & beauty routine to save yourself time and stress, hassle & mess.."


Waterproof Shower Clock

Great for timing your treatments and keeping you on track in the shower! 


Universal Diffuser Attachment

Diffuser attachment for any blow-dryer. 


Mini Claw Clips

Mini clips for sleeping or for styling


Bounce Curl Styling Brush

My new favorite brush!
Brush for wet styling curls.


Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand

This hair dryer stand aims to free your hands, so that you don’t need to hold the heavy blower while drying your hair. It can be place on desk or floor.

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